Rick Crosby: Happiness and Satisfaction
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Rick Crosby: Happiness And Satisfaction

Rick Crosby: Happiness and Satisfaction

Happiness is not come after achieving a big goal; it comes with small things and accomplishments. Nowadays people are not happy and satisfied with their lives and they keep complaining for the things that they couldn’t achieve in their lives. Is only achievement deciding the happiness? Does money make us happy? No, this is not true. We are not happy as we have become self centered and we don’t want to spend time for others.

We have just stuck between making and using money for the sake of keeping ourselves happy always. But money cannot buy happiness. We have to understand this fact. We should help others to feel real happiness. I have seen so many renowned and rich people who are really happy as they are contributing towards the improving lives of poor and needy.

Rick Crosby is the best example of it. He is a real estate developer and has a happy family. He always tries to help others in all respects whether money, moral support or any other. He is happy as he has done a lot for improving the lives of poor kids.

He has offered good wages and employment opportunities to poor men. He has offered them a direction and motivates them to do something in their lives. His wife also motivates him to do such things.

Rick Crosby is not limited to enjoy life by visiting new places and buying luxuries, he wants to do something to make the lifestyle of poor people better. He thinks that happiness comes from taking steps for others and be the helping hand for others.

He has got registered with so many reputable organizations which are contributing towards the social welfare. I really appreciate his efforts and noble acts.


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