Rick L Crosby: A Great Motivator
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Rick L Crosby: A Great Motivator

Rick L Crosby: A Great Motivator

Some people think that the best way to be happy is to earn lots of money and buy luxuries, but this is myth. A rich and wealthy person may not always feel happy and content. The best way to be happy is to help others. You can feel really different and satisfied by doing such noble acts for the needy or poor people whom you don’t even know. Some people do lots of things for social welfare but it can be their way to get publicity. This cannot make you happy and content as you do it for the sake of getting something in return.

It is hard to help others and offer your money and time to the people without expecting anything from them in return. But still there are some people who do such things. Yes, we are talking about none other than Rick L Crosby . He is such an amazing and impressive personality. He has done a lot for poor people without expecting anything in return.

Rick L Crosby and his wife have been consistently putting their best efforts to improve the lives of poor people who can’t even fulfil their basic needs. Sometimes it’s hard to take some time for social activities but rick and his wife do it without fail. Every time when they get chance, they love to participate in such activities. This is something that is enough to inspire others.

Life is too short to spend with yourself, just get up and find out the way to help the people who are really need your help. We should learn something from rick and his wife and try to help others. It’s hard to get behind the eyeballs of others but still we can try to feel the pain of poor and needy people.


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