Rick Lee Crosby Jr: The man of values
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Rick Lee Crosby Jr: The Man Of Values

Rick Lee Crosby Jr: The man of values

In today’s world, when we have lots of things to do and luxuries to enjoy. We can make our lives better day by day by including such luxuries. Every person wants luxurious and comfortable life without any risk and problems. Happy, healthy and wealthy life is the main aim of every human being. We are just associated with our happiness and other’s happiness does not matter for us. A kind soul and heart is a myth nowadays as it seems. We are running in a race that offers us a competitive aura. We have no time for others, let alone involving or participating in charity or social acts.

Social services are not our cup of tea as we don’t have time and money to waste on fulfilling the need of poor and needy people. But still, there are few people who are involved in noble acts and social services. They understand the pain of others and try to fulfil the basic needs of poor and needy people. It seems people have become heartless. They cannot even feel the pain of a hungry kid. But still, some people really lighten the path of darkness. They spend their time with poor people and try to be the helping hands of such people. Yes, we are talking about Rick Lee Crosby Jr.

He is a real estate developer and he spends his lots of time with the people who really need some sort of help. He gets behind their eyeballs and tries to feel their need. He has offered employment opportunities to lots of people. He and his wife have got themselves registered with lots of reputed organizations which are associated with social services. We should learn a lot from him and his life. Hats off to Rick Lee Crosby Jr and his efforts


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