Rick Lee Crosby Jr: An untold story
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Rick Lee Crosby Jr: An Untold Story

Rick Lee Crosby Jr: An untold story

There are so many scenarios when you feel blank and unhappy. There may be the so many reasons of our unhappiness but it is not difficult to be happy. Yes, it may sound crazy but this is true. You can feel real happiness in your life by helping others. When you help someone, you feel more energetic, emotional, content and of course happy. In this world, there is a small ratio of people who are well equipped with all the luxurious things, wealth, health and fame. They have got each and everything required to make someone’s life better and comfortable. But at the same time, there are a large proportion of people who feel scarcity every now and then.

Poor and needy people can’t even fulfill their basic needs let alone enjoying luxuries. They have to struggle a lot in order to survive every day. We have to support such people and think about their problems. We can be a main source of their happiness; we just need to offer them helping hands. We are human beings and this is our duty to understand the pain of others, but nobody does. In this world, there are so many people who only think about their own lives and luxuries, but still we have some people like Rick Lee Crosby Jr, a real estate developer who has been consistently doing good things for poor and needy people.

Yes, he is a busy and rich man but this is not the constraints. He keeps himself ready for helping others in each and every situation. You can learn a lot from him. He is very busy; instead he takes some time out from his busy schedule and listens to the people carefully. He has also joined very reputed organizations which contribute in social welfare.


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