Rick L Crosby The Selfless Person
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Rick L Crosby The Selfless Person

Rick L Crosby The Selfless Person

Rick L Crosby The Selfless Person

I have heard it so many times that a random act of goodness or kindness can change the life of aperson and Rick L Crosby is the best example of it. He is a kind and noble person. He haschanged the life of lots of people in many instances. It is really a good idea to help others butpeople hesitate to do it as this is not as easy as it seems. I am very impressed by the noble deedsof Mr. Rick Crosby. I have never heard about such great personality.


Every person has a family to feed and EMI to pay so he/she finds it irrelevant to spend time orhard earned money in helping poor and needy. This is sad. It is not always about money, you canshare your knowledge for free with other people who need it. You can educate the poor kids.There are so many ways to help others but we just give excuses to set ourselves free from suchactivities. But disappointment ends when we find people like Rick L Crosby who have spendtheir whole life in doing noble acts in favor of society.


Rick L Crosby and his wife have been working towards the welfare of society for very long time.They have registered themselves with various different charitable trusts and reputedorganizations which are associated with such social services. They both are really veryimpressive personalities who motivate others to keep providing helping hands to needy peoplewho really deserve the help.


If we are able to help others it means we are blessed. If helping people makes you happy then itwould be great achievement of your life. Some people become selfish at some time and putthemselves before anyone else but Rick L Crosby never ignores anyone who is in real need.


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