Rick Lee Crosby Jr: Completely Selfless Guy
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Rick Lee Crosby Jr: Completely Selfless Guy

Rick Lee Crosby Jr: Completely Selfless Guy

What I will get after improving someone else’s life? This is the common question asked by the selfish people. They have everything to fulfil their basic needs but when it comes to help someone they become so poor by emotion and heart. They don’t have golden and kind hearts like other selfless people. Yes, in this world of selfish people, some people are moving towards humanity, they understand the pain of others. What a man needs to be happy? Is it money or fame every time? No, sometimes money and fame don’t work and you feel lack of inner happiness and contentment of soul.

If you are not happy and looking for an inspiration Rick Lee Crosby Jr can inspire. He is a real estate developer, rich, famous yet kind. He has done a lot for the poor people. He thinks that life is all about understand human beings and help them if possible. He thinks, helping someone can bring lots of happiness and joy to your life. It is no more fun to fulfil your needs, you should move towards the humanity and nobility.

He is more concerned about the life of poor people. He keeps thinking for the ways that he can choose to improve their lifestyle. He has done a lot for the poor kids and offers them right direction. He has mended the way of so many distracted poor guys. He has offered them employment opportunities and become mentor for them. His entire life is full of such noble acts.

Rick Lee Crosby Jr thinks that life can be happier if you choose the right way. If you help someone, god will surely love you and offer more happiness to you. His wife has also been contributing towards such activities for so long.


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