Rick Lee Crosby Jr: A self-sacrificing man
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Rick Lee Crosby Jr: A Self-sacrificing Man

Rick Lee Crosby Jr: A self-sacrificing man

Life is not a bed of roses for everyone. It brings so many thrones and difficulties while walking on the path of it. Some people are really leading a pathetic life; they don’t even manage basic needs of life. They don’t have enough money to offer food, clothes, shelter to their kids, let alone education. But situation is quite opposite to others, they have enough money to fulfil their needs and even lead a luxurious life. Somewhere this is an imbalanced state. Some people can’t even buy food for single day while others are wasting money in having a comfortable life.

We are human being and we are supposed to help each other. Kindness and generosity are the values that define real human being. But scenario is quite different. People are so selfish; they just avoid social services, donation and helping poor kids. It seems world is only full of such self cantered people. But when we read or come through deeds of people like Rick Lee Crosby Jr, we feel a peaceful mind and soul.

Rick Lee Crosby Jr is a real estate developer. He is rich and famous, yet kind. He has done a lot in order to improve lives of poor and needy people. He has everything but he never spend them in his own comfort and luxurious. This kind hearted man has offered employment opportunities to many people who had lost their path and shifted to wrong direction. He has worked for the education of poor kids. He is like motivator for so many people who inspire him. There are so many acts that are untold. He does noble acts secretly and never uses them for the sake of publicity or anything in return. His wife also contributes towards such noble acts.


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